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The Unified Onboarding Process

Step One: Getting To Know Each Other

For our first Discovery Meeting, we will spend about an hour at your home, your business, or at our offices - whichever you are most comfortable with. Here we will take the time to better understand your financial goals, and previous experiences in investing and financial planning. 

We will also take the time to give you a brief, complimentary review of any of your investments, answer your questions, and walk you through the Unfied Planning Process that we use to support our Client Family.

After this meeting, we will both have the necessary information about each other to decide if it is a good partnership.

Step Two: Account Establishment & Plan Introduction

In this meeting, we have the opportunity to begin setting up investment accounts that you would like Tota Vita to manage. This includes a discussion about your investment policy, investment goals, and ultimately how we should manage the investments.

At this meeting we also give you an introduction to your "Unified Plan". This is your guide to bring all of your financial life into one, easy-to-understand, and personalized Financial Roadmap.

Step Three: Reviewing the Unified Plan & Investments

This meeting allows our client family to finish creating their living, breathing plan. We can see how their recommended investment allocations play into their long-term goals and life aspirations. Within this plan, we make sure to cover all of the financial "chinks" in the armor. We review insurance coverage, tax planning, business & private placement within the context of the complete plan, estate planning, and much more.

Here we establish our "Unified Service Plan" for our ongoing, lifetime relationship.

We want our client family to leave this meeting with a sense of financial control, and peace of mind.